Other Species We Catch on Our Charter Trips

Most anglers head to Venice to chase redfish and trout, but on any of our trips there’s a good chance you’ll catch any number of fun and tasty inshore fish along with your target catch.

Other species of fish we typically catch include:


Local anglers will trade you a flounder for a redfish almost anytime. It’s flaky white meat is delicious when baked and they’re fun to catch. Flounder helps round out our fishing box many days and are plentiful throughout the same spots where we target redfish and trout.


Sheepshead are another local favorite among anglers, with many comparing its taste to that of speckled trout. Sheepshead love a dead shrimp, and are common along the Louisiana coast and often make their way into our boxes on both trout and redfish charters.

Black Drum

The black drum is the close cousin the redfish and can weigh up to 50lbs. They are extremely common on redfishing trips as black drum and redfish frequent the same areas and have the same feeding patterns. Black drum put up a great fight and the meat tastes great as well.


Tripletail are unbelievable to eat and a nice addition to any inshore trip. We may find them swimming around platforms or floating debris in the water.


While we do not specifically target sharks, nor do we keep them if caught, the reality is that sharks are everywhere throughout the Venice marshes and coast. Most sharks caught on trout and redfishing trips tend to be smaller sharks (in the 5-15 pound range), but they do make for a fun fight and great picture opportunity before we release them.

However, we have hooked and fought sharks well over the 240lb. range


Sometimes called a “lemon fish”, large cobia are plentiful around the nearshore coastal areas and rigs of Venice at certain times of the year. These fish taste amazing on the grill and put up an incredible fight due to their size. If you’d like to target Cobia please contact us to discuss this ahead of time.

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