Speckled Trout Charter Fishing in Venice, LA

Are you ready to catch your limit of Venice speckled trout? Book a speckled trout charter trip today with Venice Guide Service!

If redfish get most of the attention from fisherman, it’s only because they haven’t seen our speckled trout fishery. Trout can be caught year round in Venice, and in great sizes and numbers.

Whether it’s topwater, carolina-rig, plastics or live shrimp under a cork, Venice Guide Service can put you and your friends on the speckled trout for a great day on the water.

Why Venice is a Great Fishery for Speckled Trout

The Mississippi River Delta is one of the truly great places for trout fishing anywhere in the world. The river brings sediment and nutrients from all over the country and deposits it here in our marshes, creating a mix of salt and fresh water as well as ponds, cuts and inlets.

Then, lining our coast are countless oil and gas platforms. And while many of these platforms offshore attract pelagic fish, the nearshore rigs hold schools of trout at different times of the year.

About Speckled Trouttrout-gallery-1

If you’re not from Louisiana, you might call them the Spotted Seatrout. Here, we just call the “specs” or “speckled trout”.

Venice trout average anywhere from 10-25 inches. Trout must be 12” in order to keep them and the currently limit is 25 per person.

Don't be thrown off by their size, these fish put up an excellent fight against even the most experienced fishermen. The good news is, you'll have plenty of opportunities!

Our guides know exactly where the Speckled Trout are and understand how they move about from day to day and season to season. We depend on our vast knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the most out of your fishing trip.

 A Typical Trout Fishing Charter Day

main-g1The speckled trout bite starts early, especially in the summer, so be ready to hit the water at first light.

Your guides will have all of the gear you need on board including poles, lures, hooks, etc. However, if you’d like to bring your own gear you are welcome do to so.

Trout trips can run up to 6 hours, but may end sooner if we catch our limit early. Also, some clients opt to chase redfish if we do limit out early. However, it’s not usual to catch both trout and redfish on the same trip.

Remember to pack lots of water and sunscreen so you are comfortable and well hydrated, because our trout fishing action is guaranteed to make you sweat!

To book an inshore speckled trout fishing trip in Venice, Louisiana, please contact us today.

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